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They study and analyze in detail the real needs of the people who live in it, not only the beauty or functionality of the space but also identify with the values and full satisfaction of our customers, thus achieving quality of life.

Furniture in top quality particle board and fiberboard, in natural wood, synthetic veneers and gloss or matte lacquers, high quality furniture to furnish living rooms, day and night areas and children’s bedrooms.

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The Sofa is the piece par excellence in every home. Synonymous of rest, relaxation, enjoyment and well-being, its structure and materials must be conceived to allow a rest in the best possible conditions. In Mesquemobles we have the best quality cheap sofas.

The dining room of a home, is surely one of the rooms of the house where more time are all the inhabitants of the same one. It is for this reason that it must be equipped with all the furniture that correspond, so that it is more pleasant for everybody.

modern bedroom furniture

When we decide to furnish our house we must make an important expense but we must not forget that a quality piece of furniture is practically a piece of furniture for life. Bet on quality for your home.

Good materials and construction are the main guarantee of a quality piece of furniture. Place of manufacture and comply with all regulations required by law give us confidence when buying our furniture.

All our furniture comes properly labeled and traced with bar code that provides all the information of the furniture. We also include warranty labels and quality control booklet in all our pieces.

We have received an incentive from the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, of the Andalusian Government, co-financed 80% by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF for the implementation of the project «Incorporation of process equipment, auxiliary goods and facilities to expand production capacity manufactures home furniture», with the aim of «Achieving a more competitive business network».

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Mirror with frame made with DM board.cream-colored frame.on the back of the mirror is included the D-Ring hardware to hang it easily on the wall.Measures (H x L x W): 100 x 75 x 4 cmWeight: 12 kg

Decorate and arrange your home with furniture of all kinds of stylesAt Oso Perezoso we work every day to bring you original and comfortable furniture, sofas and mattresses with which to decorate and feel comfortable in your own home.our slogan is «¡Ponte có[email protected]!». Just as a lazy bear is resting all day in a tree, humans need a good support to rest our body and store our objects, from this idea comes our online store of furniture, sofas, mattresses and accessories.